We are the first in the market to offer a concrete egg-shaped tank made of one part. With the advent of 2019, the innovation which is the result of our own research and development is finally on the market. To offer our customers everything that could be provided by the latest technology, Eco-concrete with no additives, plastification, fittings and harmful admixtures is used for our concrete eggs. During the drying process of the concrete egg-shaped tanks, the concrete itself excretes all the excessive cement. The final product is an egg-shaped tank which is completely safe and sustainable for keeping the liquid.

The optimum volume for the concrete’s own regulation of wine fermentation is between 900 and 1500 litres. Therefore, we decided to launch the production of 1000-litre concrete egg-shaped tanks. Relatively thin concrete walls of the egg are able to keep the temperature stable with no need for artificial cooling, while the egg shape provides incessant circulation of the liquid.

Premium quality wine producers are increasingly returning to primitive and traditional wine production with the emphasis on natural and traditional. For this purpose, concrete egg-shaped tanks are ideal. Their egg shape (golden ratio) provides incessant wine circulation while the concrete naturally regulates the temperature of the wine.

This shape and its smooth surface let the wine circulate more freely than in traditional fermentation containers. Constant circulation lets the taste to develop its complexity through its constant contact with lees.