Although the history of winemaking in concrete barrels dates back to a remote past, it is now the right time to start using concrete egg-shaped barrels in beer-making. Similarly to winemaking, also in beer-making the egg-shaped concrete barrel plays an essential role as its smooth concrete walls and its egg shape (golden ratio) make the beer circulate during the maceration process. The egg’s concrete walls are relatively thin, however, they are able to keep the temperature stable with no need for artificial cooling. The fermentation produces the warmth which creates convection currents that stimulate the circulation of beer during the fermentation process. The concrete egg is not the only container in which all the mentioned processes take place, however, it is most efficient in the process of fermentation compared to all the other containers (of different shapes and materials) due to its original shape. This shape and its smooth surface let the beer circulate more freely than in traditional fermentation containers and constant circulation lets the taste to develop its complexity through its constant contact with lees. The structure of Eco-Concrete is not permeable to liquids, however it permits the air to make contact with the beer. This results in the softening of tannins, creating a richer body and developing more complex tastes. Unlike wooden barrels, which are traditionally used in beer production and storage, Eco-Concrete does not add any oak and sweet tastes to the beer, however, it enables the beer-maker to preserve typical characteristics of beer without the stainless steel’s reduction features and adds a texture without the tastes coming from oak. Eco-Concrete thus combines the benefits of the oak barrel and inox vessel.

The beer in egg-shaped barrels has a softer, smother and richer taste, moreover, the concrete gives greater minerality to the beer. Thus, the egg-shaped tanks are not only suitable for wine but also for beer. They can be used for fermenting and storing different types of beer but they work best with bitter beer types.