Our research in the area of concrete egg-shaped tanks dates back to 2014, the time when several Slovenian recognized winemakers contacted us to provide them with ecological concrete eggs for their wine: »We need a concrete egg-shaped tank that will be wine-friendly, providing the highest quality wine.« With this in mind, we have developed the so called Eco-Concrete which does not contain any coatings, additives, plastification, fittings and harmful admixtures. During the drying process of the concrete egg-shaped tank, the concrete itself excretes all the excessive cement. The final product is an egg-shaped tank which is completely safe and sustainable for keeping the liquid.

Although our original idea was aimed at wine and winemakers, we later realized our concrete egg-shaped tanks are also suitable for maturing beer. As a result, we extended our offer to breweries.

In 2018, we decided to take our Eco-concrete to the next level. We focused on developing a concrete egg that is made of one part. Our goal was achieved by the end of 2018 and today we are the first to provide the market with Eco-Concrete eggs made of one part.

To provide the market with top quality products, we decided to combine functionality and extravagant design. We believe that design matters.

All winemakers and brewers are cordially invited to try our product designed especially for them.

Wine&Egg team